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How to improve user experience in website construction

2017-03-14 Onlookers fever 4101 Common problem

If a website wants to get a good development, it must be loved by the vast number of users. If it can't even get users' love, then this website is impossible to succeed. If you want to get users' love, web designers should spend their efforts to improve user experience when they are building websites, so that they can make websites that appeal to users. Improve user experience can be divided into three main areas, the following Xiaobian to introduce to you about the relevant knowledge.

The first aspect: when users visit websites, the speed of web access must be fast.

Users in different regions need different time to open up the same website. Some may only take 2 seconds, while others may spend 13 seconds to open the website. What does this mean? This does not mean that the space of your website is not good, but it is caused by geographical differences. However, the impact of web access speed on the user experience depth is relatively large. According to the user's ten second rule, few users usually choose to spend a few minutes to open a website. If you design a website that has a slow access speed, you will probably lose a lot of users, resulting in the problem of poor user experience. User experience computing is a simple way to refer to the website running out rate. If your website leapt out of a high rate, then it represents its user experience is not particularly good. Therefore, website access speed is very important for improving user experience.

Second aspects: reasonable internal link construction within the website.

In general, web designers set up internal links for websites to increase the amount of web content. However, they ignore the fact that internal links are especially useful for improving user access depth. Let's take Baidu encyclopedia as an example. You should have visited Baidu encyclopedia. When you visit Baidu encyclopedia, you will find that there are many internal links in every entry. Although these internal links are arranged densely, they do not lose their overall image, giving people a sense of arrangement. And a large part of the internal links are set up in a reasonable and timely manner. So when people visit Baidu entries that they are looking for, they also read the relevant entries, so you can see from this point that internal links are another function of website construction.

The third aspect: when the website is built, we can add some pictures in many words.

If your website is written in purely literal form, then it will be easy for readers to feel tired. Therefore, when designing web sites, website designers can add some relevant pictures appropriately, that is, they can help readers to understand the content of the articles in depth and make them more interested in the website.

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