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What is a small program?
APP is not installed, APP can be found near mobile phones.
Applet is an application that can be used without downloading and installation. It implements the application of "within reach" dream. Users scan or search it to open the application. It also embodies the principle of "run away".
Users need not care about installing too many applications. Applications will be everywhere, ready to use, but without installation and unloading. Small journey
Preface is the largest mobile Internet business opportunity in 4 years. It takes the lead in on-line small programs, preempting traffic dividends, and achieves a sharp increase in revenues.

To do WeChat applet?

Bring new marketing methods and huge traffic dividends to enterprises.
  • Ten
    1 billion month live users
    Large flow entry, with small programs, there will always be users to find you!
  • Two thousand
    20 million public numbers
    Every company or business with a public number has the need for small programs.
  • Four
    400 million WeChat payment users
    Every WeChat payment user can complete the purchase and payment process directly through small programs.
  • Twenty
    Rich entrance
    Up to dozens of online and offline scene entries, quickly and easily acquire a large number of fans users.
WeChat small program industry solution
Customize multiple solutions for you, easy to play with WeChat small program development
Different small program tools
Help you achieve the dream of "within your grasp"
  • QR code
    Can quickly associate your small program.
  • Shops nearby
    Intelligent recommendation of nearby shops
  • WeChat search
    Users can quickly find relevant content.
  • Historical record
    It will be kept in historical browsing records.
  • Friend recommendation
    Encourage users to share small programs to friends
  • Top program
    You can set your favorite programs to the top.
  • Message notification
    We can learn the latest information quickly.
  • Public number Association
    Successful public relations can be recommended directly.
  • Graphic text embedding
    You can embed text in small programs.
  • Paid advertising
    You can choose to recommend advertisements to articles.
  • Small program switching
    Quick call back to start state
  • WeChat payment
    To provide customers with the most convenient payment interface
  • Collection function
    Update the applet collection function.
  • Customer service consultation
    Timely and real-time online customer service.
  • More
    Continue to update...
Small program development case
There is no need to worry about industry restrictions, to customize multiple solutions for you.
  • Merchant self operation
  • Life service
  • Restaurant
  • education
  • Travel?
  • Business services
  • Real estate
  • automobile
  •  Brand design of Hefei
    Brand design of Hefei
  •  Luxury home shopping mall
    Luxury home shopping mall
  •  I am looking for a securities Mart.
    I am looking for a securities Mart.
  •  Half past eight bazaar
    Half past eight bazaar

Merchant self operation

Business self run small program case
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Life service

Business self run small program case
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Business services

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Real estate

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