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Advantages of website revision service Website redesign service advantages

Visitors experience a comprehensive improvement and take into account the browsing habits of old visitors.
Visitors experience a comprehensive improvement and take into account the browsing habits of old visitors.
Users first, the first consideration of website revision is the access experience of website users. If the website is not modified by users, it will be meaningless. We should consider both new visitors and old visitors. While complying with the scientific requirements of web page UI, we take overall consideration of the contents, applications and functions of the original website, make overall plans, and avoid the inconsistency of the original visitors and make them win new visitors with a scientific and reasonable new experience.
Unique method of website revision
Unique method of website revision
The principle of "trying not to change habits": many customers like the whole website to be refreshed. This can be achieved in design creativity, but in terms of operational habits and UI design, we follow the principle of "not changing habits as much as possible". Because after the website is revised, some of the key functions and column browsing habits will be too large for old users to adapt to, resulting in a large number of customers who have worked hard for many years.
Website overall diagnosis service: website revision is different from new website construction, it already has certain historical data. Based on these historical data, we can make a comprehensive diagnosis, classification and summary of the existing websites and formulate diagnostic analysis reports. The two sides can discuss the problem and explore the possible ways to solve the problem.
8 years of website revision, accumulated a lot of technical tools.
8 years of website revision, accumulated a lot of technical tools.
Data migration tool: the historical data of mainstream data structure can be fully introduced to the new website to ensure that customer data assets are kept intact.
Safety monitoring tool: the IBMappscan tool can be used for comprehensive safety monitoring of many original websites, and comprehensive safety monitoring for the website after the revision is completed, so as to ensure that the website runs stably and safely.
A layout analysis tool for users' browsing habits: tracing the habit of browsing the original website with the cooperation of customers, forming data reference for website design and layout, and doing scientific analysis and scientific art design.
Replace the website with powerful and stable engine.
Replace the website with powerful and stable engine.
EzEIP enterprise website information management system, which is based on the experience of serving more than 3000 brand customers, is a set of browser based website management software. It adopts the modular.Net technology and 3 tier architecture, which covers more than 95% of the needs of enterprise website construction. It can be combined with the specific, product and service characteristics of the enterprise to make rapid customization development. With network marketing and product promotion function, add and delete function is convenient, support code embedding and a large number of two development. Non professional personnel can also configure and adjust the website through their own template library, logo and other built-in functions, so as to create portal website easily and manage website columns flexibly.
Continuous development of industry technology innovation. Changing from the traditional concept traditional
Let the new website become the real weapon of network marketing.
Let the new website become the real weapon of network marketing.
Website revision, not only to meet the needs of users, but also to meet the search engine. Web site construction service is guided by user experience (including brand, usability, functionality, content and other quantifiable factors). In the process of site establishment, it focuses not only on website interface design, interaction design, web usability, but also on the overall structure of the website, website code and content optimization, website compliance with web standards, website search engine friendliness and so on. Through professional services to build a user experience high value commercial network platform for customers.

8 core advantages of website construction Website construction eight core strengths

Adopting the international WEB standard based on XHTML (CSS+DIV)
The homepage is top-level domain instead of multi-level, such as
Website homepage and columns and content pages do not adopt the way of web address jump, instead of web page / bridge page redirection.
Website design is compatible with different browsers.
Reasonable use of static web pages and dynamic web pages, website column home page and other important pages using static web pages.
Web page content page level should not be too much, the proposal does not exceed four levels.
Website link error rate within a certain range, home page and other important pages without dead links.
Adopt the mainstream domain name: com/cn/ and so on.

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