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What is micro website?

What is a wechat website?

Once, customers took your card to the computer, opened the browser, lost a bunch of illegible web sites, waited for the website to load up, and began to understand your products and company information. The whole process was long and boring.
Now, let's change it to another way. We change the business card to a two-dimensional code. WeChat mobile sweeps away. Your product and all the enterprise information appear in the customer's mobile phone instantly. You can sweep the road, home, dinner table, anytime, anywhere. And there will be a variety of interesting functions, such as micro members, micro activities, micro group buying, scratch, coupons, lucky turnaround... Let your customers love it!
This is the micro website, which can make your marketing without "micro".

You are ready. Transformation Did you?

What is a wechat website?

 WeChat development

China Mobile Internet users have broken through 900 million

WeChat is undoubtedly the mobile social platform favored by users. NO.1

Quarter The average number of WeChat users opening WeChat is more than The 30 time

74% WeChat users focus on corporate and media public numbers

Based on a large and active user community, WeChat has established a strong influence and ecological adhesion. It is not only a carrier of chat tools, but also a tool for entrepreneurs to promote marketing. Now, if an entrepreneur has not yet figured out what WeChat is, why do we need to build WeChat website and how to play WeChat marketing? Unfortunately, you and your business brand are doomed to be eliminated by this competitive WeChat marketing era.

Are you ready for transformation?

Micro marketing is not "micro".

WeChat Marketing "Micro" Not Free

before Computer website, mobile website construction, WeChat public platform to find N company, high cost, data is not uniform, it is not easy to maintain.
Now Lian technology is a snare for you, mobile website construction, computer website and WeChat public platform. An account only needs to add one data, data management, maintenance, and convenience. WeChat website will bring the whole process service from pre sale to after sale to your customers, so that the relationship between enterprises and customers will be closer.
 Micro marketing

Micro website "micro" boundless force

Endless WeChat Website "Micro" Force

  • Material management
  • Automatic recovery
  • LBS positioning navigation
  • 360 panorama
  • One key dialing
  • Big turntable
  • Coupon
  • Message Board
  • Micro questionnaire
  • Micro voting
  • Micro reservation
  • Micro album
  • Micro member
  • Micro menu
  • Micro recruitment
  • Micro payment
Text, voice, video, comprehensive material editing and pushing.

Technical characteristics of micro website

WeChat Site Technical Characteristics

  • 01 Web page optimization speeds up and saves more traffic.
  • 02 You can browse across platforms without downloading.
  • 03 The advanced HTML5 technology has been used and shifted.
    Function of moving map and navigation
  • 04 Data synchronization, sharing database with PC version
  • 05 PHP+MYSQL security for programming languages
  • 06 It has super compatibility, high-end customization and safety monitoring.
    Expand and upgrade new advantages such as cloud

WeChat website case

WeChat Case Show

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